HFQ saves weight. Compared with the equivalent boron steel part there is a 20%-30% weight reduction.  It is also cost effective as we can produce the part in a single operation, plus it meets all the performance requirements and is dimensionally stable.

BIW Pressings & Enclosures

HFQ process is ideal for the production of complex, deep drawn, high strength aluminium structures for body-in-white and chassis applications. This new technology is perfect as a design solution for niche vehicle manufacture, but it is also destined to become the global standard for aluminium lightweighting worldwide. It allows:
  • Deep drawn parts to be formed in a single HFQ  draw operation
  • Reduced investment costs
  • Reduced complex assemblies

HFQ Lightweighting Case Studies

SDE Technology has a well-established reputation as the manufacturer of quality pressing products and components for a wide range of industries.The multiple benefits enabled by HFQ© Technology means that the process is being adopted across a vast range of applications and markets from automotive pressings to architectural panelling. Hot Form Quench is also ideal for aerospace lightweighting providing super-strength lightweight aluminium and flexibility of use. An ideal lightweighting solution for aircraft and the aerospace industry.